Monday, December 10, 2012

the end?

i just sat down to update but have been roadblocked.  looks like i've used up all my free storage and i'll be charged to keep blogging.  i guess that happens after 6 years of picture storage.  

a friend called blogging her lazy way of scrapbooking which totally describes it perfectly for me as well.  therefore, i know i'll carry on.  just not sure if it will be at a brand new blog address.  

to be continued.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

kid quotes

After years of being glued to my camera i guess i have officially taken a sabbatical.  ben blames instagram but i'm not sure there is any rhyme or reason why my picture taking and blogging has been so limited.   i'm hopeful that i will get back into the swing of picturing and blogging in the near future.  

until then, i only have a few quotes i'd like to store away.  

kinsley jane:  "every night after getting tucked in I stay up for one hour.  that's my routine."

hallie ann:  "i know about that already.  i was thinking about it in my head last night."

caroline elizabeth:  "ummm. good."  it is her stamp approval we all look for after the first bite of anything she eats.   

kinsley jane:  "i chose this headband because i needed a splash of color."

hallie ann:  (middle of night) (wakes me by tapping my forehead) "i had a very very very very very very very very very very bad dream."   

hallie ann:  (middle of night)  (head tapping again)  "i had the meanest dream ever."

caroline elizabeth:  "ha ha ha"  (she insists that is what santa says instead of his cheery ho ho ho)

kinsley jane:  "if scooter is real why doesn't he move?"  (sweet girl still believes in our elf on the shelf and santa.  she secretly left a note in his arms last night that ben discovered this morning.  there was a picture for santa and a sentence on what she wants for christmas.  she was thrilled this morning when the note was gone.  since she is asking questions like the one above we are pretty sure this is the last christmas she has total belief.  ben is enamored with her innocence and is insistent we get her the gift she asked santa for even though it was not in the original gift plan.  well played, kinsley.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

october days with mimi & papa

my mom and dad came.  this was a visit that bought me some more minutes out here.  right when i thought i couldn't take another day away from my friends and family.  when i was desperate for face to face chats with my sisters but when facetime wasn't remotely enjoyable because it just depressed me to see everyone together.   they came and were a fast remedy for some serious homesickness.  

first up: pumpkin patch

some of us got lost in the corn maze while mimi and kinsley didn't mind showing off their victory dance.

it's extra impressive when you can lasso yourself.  

next:  a morning of soccer games.  

caroline: the heart behind the Dancing Cinderellas.  

children's museum where we discovered that mimi has a hidden talent.

pumpkin carving done in the nick of time.  

searching for the perfect jack-o-lantern design.   hallie drew up some good options.  

trick or treating.  i'm not sure there is a neighborhood more festive than ours.  many houses set up food and drink buffets in their driveways which set the tone for a fun night for kids and adults.  

without warning, caroline would often sit down in a driveway or sidewalk to sneak a piece of candy.  

we covered a lot of ground around here by day.  by night, we watched season one of homeland.  super addicting and super good show.   

thanks mom and dad!  we had a perfect time with you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a slice of her day

one of the most frequent questions i get about homeschooling is in regards to little caroline.   while i considered finding a vintage playpen to trap her in I also had optimism that I could effectively homeschool while also being intentional with my time with her.

we have our rough patches but by in large its been beautiful.   over the last several days i snapped pictures of some of the things she does during school time.  

each activity can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

her chef hat is a must when she cooks.  

linking cubes.  big smile.  

loves to read.  prefers to look through scrapbooks.  

crazy about stickers.   

they usually get on paper but lots of storage bins have sticker decor.  

her new "smile" face.  she is insisting on closed eyes.  

                                    lacing beads.  hard skill but she is getting pretty good.

getting her wiggles out.  

she loves to sort her animals.   

building.  (i just noticed she was stacking same colors...way to go caroline!)  

another example of her new smile face.  open your eyes, child!  

yes, handwriting practice pages have been scribbled on.  yes, kinsley has held her ears saying she can't concentrate during a little tantrum.  yes, we have hard days.   but overall caroline is loving homeschool just as much as me.   

update:  i can't help but include this:
early morning play-doh

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

birthday at the beach

my (sweet, spunky, adventurous, snuggly, glued-to-mommy, lover of chocolate, adored by her sisters) little gal just turned two.  

she got to celebrate at our favorite home away from home...charleston.

 caroline, you bless our family.   bless us.
 you are full of life.  you run everywhere you go.  there is a very literal spring in your step.
 i treasure my time with you.   you are a jewel.
 you are our entertainer.  when you realize we are laughing at something you do, you become downright theatrical.
 you cling to me.   you grip my arms when you lay against me.   if i have sleeves you wiggle your hands up my arms so our skin is touching.   i love that.
 time outs.  kisses and sorries.  definite parts of our days.
 you are growing up.  you are pretending.  you cook me food in your kitchen while wearing your chef hat.   big big milestone.
 your sisters think you are wonderful.  they think you are hilarious.  the three of us girls get tons of smiles and laughs because of you all day long.
 you watch them.  you talk to them in the car and hold hands, car seat to car seat.  
you can keep up.  you certainly try.  
pretty soon you will be a big kid like your sisters.   i can't wait for what those days will bring.   

it was an awesome weekend celebrating you, little girl.  (forever my baby girl)